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Work with the leaders in observability for physical systems

Our Mission:
Avoid Surprises

Many solutions exist for ensuring the uptime of IT systems, but the need to avoid outages is even more critical for chemical production than it is for most business applications.

That’s why we’ve created the first real-time, AI-powered monitoring tool that surfaces anomalies so chemical producers can avoid surprises.

AI & OT Founding Team

The ControlRooms team brings together deep knowledge of chemical manufacturing operations with decades of experience in leveraging AI and machine learning to solve complex operational challenges.

Omar Talib
Monte Zweben
Gene Davis
Distinguished Engineer
Elena Salova
Chief Data Scientist

Our Customer-Centric Culture

ControlRooms is laser-focused on delivering the ideal product for our customers. To attract an all-star team and enable its members to do their best work, we offer competitive compensation and work-from-anywhere flexibility. But most of all, we offer the chance to truly change how an industry operates.

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